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"No Tobacco Tuesdays for Tots". Youth Engagement for Wellbeing

I recently became a medical intern at Maulna Azad Medical College Delhi and the dream for truly making a difference in our society has started to become a reality with the help of this amazing opportunity of running a month long campaign on passive smoking in children, called, "No Tobacco Tuesdays for Tots". Dr.Vrinda Pahuja: A Young Medical Intern and Volunteer 
I remember when my team at AMSA India and I were brainstorming about a campaign for "World  No Tobacco Day 2020", we could have never predicted that we would be able to collaborate with a reputable NGO like Nada India Foundation. 

Through Nada India, I also had the honour of representing the medical fraternity on the panel discussion on "Engaging Young People To Respond To New Emerging Tobacco Threats" that happened on 1st June'20 which also kickstarted the campaign.  Listening to other speakers on the panel was truly inspirational and gave me insight into all the initiatives that are being tak…
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We value partnership with AMSA- India.... An initiative of Young People

In this phase of pandemic ,when everyone is stuck in their homes with very limited resources, AMSA- India conducted the workshop named ABC ( Addiction Battling Campaign ) under their Pubic Health and Research Department. 
The workshop was held under the project Hope Stone ( Project Head : Safal Boob ) in collaboration with De' Sousa Foundation and Nada India Foundation .
This amazing session of virtual learning began at 4pm sharp on Zoom platform which also went live on YouTube . We had a well experienced pannel with us to discuss the topic .  The panelists were Dr Avinash Desousa ,who is a consultant psychiatrist and also the Founder Trustee of Desousa Foundation ., Priyanka Verma who is a Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist ans the founder of "The Thought Co." and Vipan Sachdeva from Nada India ,Who is in this field since last 27 years & has also worked with IPS Ma'am Kiran Bedi for 3yrs at Tihar Jail as a counsellor. The participants from all over the cou…

Suneel Vatsyayan Chairperson ,Nada India in conversation with Social work students of Amity Instiute of Social Science NOIDA

Suneel Vatsyayan Chairperson ,Nada India in conversation with Social work students of Amity Instiute of Social Science NOIDA . The session was moderated by Mr.Prashant  R.Chauhan #TobaccoExposed Mentor is bacon of light that helps mentee to come out of darkness. Torch is wisdom that mentor is carrying, telling the mentee that if you fall that I am here to pick you up. Mentor has experience which helps the mentee.

#covid19 Lockdown experience has taught us that we have more time for our families, now we perceive things from different point of view. Our normal behavior has changed and it will further change once the lockdown opens. There is still a chance of falling back in the same pattern of life. What makes us talk about our personal issues? Do you think there is a safe space available with us? Mentor creates a safe space for mentee to come out from his problems and share them as his comfort level.
What is emotional CPR? There is a chance that people feel that we are emotionally dead a…


Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self!

Get your dose of self-care on this " International Day of Yoga " with IBS, Hyderabad and NGO partners Indian Development Foundation (IDF), Nada India Foundation through a live streaming yoga session. Streaming on:

Or inspire others by participating in the Surya Namaskara Challenge ! Upload 15-20 second video or photo collage on your Instagram handle of your Surya Namaskar (12 poses) to get a participation & special appreciation certificate or at least five different asanas to earn a participation certificate. Please don't forget to tag @ibs_hyderabad !
To register:

Join the experience and let the light of awareness into the darkest corners of your body!

सार्वजनिक स्थानों पर तम्बाकू, पान थूकने से #COVID19 के संक्रमण का खतरा बढ़ता है।

सार्वजनिक स्थानों पर तम्बाकू, पान थूकने से #COVID19 के संक्रमण का खतरा बढ़ता है। इस जानकारी को साझा करें और अपनी सुरक्षा के लिए हमारी मदद करें। थूकना वर्जित, स्वास्थ्य अर्जित।

Youth And Tobacco Control Policies What you need to know!

Engaging Students in Building up a Healthy Campus: A Futuristic Perspective 3rd Conversation with Prof T N Singh amd Suneel Vatsyayan

NAPWI Conversation SeriesNational Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI) presents NAPSWI Conversation series on Social Work after COVID Pandemic (A futuristic perspective) Engaging Students in Building up A Healthy Campus :A Futuristic perspective Prof T.N.Singh, VC, MG Kashi Vidya Peeth in conversation with Mr Suneel Vatsyayan, Nada India Foundation
Posted by National Association of Professional Social Workers in India on Friday, 29 May 2020