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Kartik Raman Singer Calls upon young people to join Young India Network for Good Health....

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Mincy Lakhmani recalls her experience with Nada Team as volunteer...

Mincy Lakhmani,,,,,, Awesome volunteer and committed Health Advocate“I have been fortunate enough to volunteer at NADA INDIA FOUNDATION and this experience really stood out as one of the best! The variety of the projects was a real plus point for me as I got to know different issues in area of health among variety of groups. Working out with Mr.Aflilaash at different de-addiction centers and with Mr.DevenderJoti at DRUG USE & HOMELESS:PEER COUNSELLOR facilitating  GROUP,which was wonderful. What I most appreciated was how friendly and open the people were during the sessions.  Also,learning research methodology at YOUNG INDIA NETWORK FOR GOOD HEALTH on HEALTH NEEDS was a great experience.Finally, I can say I got the practical exposure of what I’ve learned from textbooks. Preparing questionnaire and taking surveys was challenging yet successful under guidance of Mr.SuneelVatsyayan, a special mention has to go to him ,he was so patient and welcoming. And most importantly, a great men…

Job opening /internship @Nada India Foundation

Job Description: - Community Mobilizer Delhi   

About Nada India Foundation Mobile 9810594544

The Community Mobiliser facilitates and conducts training and mobilization of community on field on health and child rights issues in Delhi

•Facilitate and conduct training and mobilisation of community on health and well being.
•Collect feedback from community and revert back with appropriate solution/information
•Address issues raised by the community regarding organizational work and update them on project implementation plans
•Assist Technical team with mobilisation to ensure smooth flow of work
•Identify and liaise with community leaders and beneficiaries.
•Facilitate and conduct surveys and collect data as and when required
•Organize community meetings, FGDs and other activities
•Facilitate meetings with local community and other stakeholders
•Documentation of activities, events and community engagement
•Individual weekly workplan and daily …

Nada India #GivingTuesdayIndia #DaanUtsav

The role of youth in combating NCDs prevention....Arunesh The Peace Gong

The session started with accu-detoxing it was one's first experience. He felt great as his mind was so calm and composed,  he got time to think about the various things going in his mind one by one. Everyone shared their experience and the session was addressed by many doctors, patient champions, young volunteers associated with the field  and a few people who fought addiction and overcame the same.! It was a learning experience to every stakeholder.
The  presentations of three doctors at the event, Dr. Ajay Vats, chair person of Indian Association of Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists [IAADS], Dr, Arindam Sinha, NADA Acupuncture Detoxification specialist and Dr. Bharat Bhushan, vice president , Federation of NGOs for Drug Abuse Prevention [FINGODAP] helped one to understand the issues involved in NCDs. They shared data and told how Addiction is emerging as one of the most harming NCDs and the steps that should be taken in order to make the society addiction-free.
With their hel…

'Advocacy for Good Health' (AGH) campaign with a call “From ME to MY Community’s Health”

Nada India proposes to launch the 'Advocacy forGood Health' (AGH) campaignwith a call “From ME to MY Community’s Health” (FM2MCH) as a follow up of the Young India Network workshop on capacity building held on 1st June 2019 in Delhi. The purpose of this campaign is for Youth Advocates and Peer Leaders to understand the risk factors and the stigma and discrimination faced either by People Living with NCDs or those caring for People Living with NCDs.

The “From ME to MY Community’s Health” (FM2MCH) training workshop is peer-led. The Aim is to create a network of confident and compelling young people as health advocates who will have an understanding and skills sets to build a powerful narrative around KEY aspects of Good Health and will be proactive and responsive at community levels.
Training Workshop “From ME to MY Community’s Health” (FM2MCH) will offer principles of Advocacy and specific health advocacy skills combined with enhanced knowledge on NCDs and ways to meaningfully in…