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Pehchaan Radio Club:Internship cum Volunteer Program

‎"Are you looking for a Challenging Internship cum Volunteer Program?"An initiative of Pehchaan Nada India in Collaboration with Bal Bhawan, Mandi and D.A.V. Public School Vasant Kunj .To apply and for further details: Fill in the following form and Contact:Vindhya Vatsyayan Online CoordinatorNada India
Please visit the following link for details

Bollywood Denial:'Films glamourize alcohol to kids'

Bollywood Denial: 'Films glamourize alcohol to kids' YES, IT IS HARD TO BREAK says young members of Pehchaan Radio club Mandi village Delhi   MUMBAI: After being blamed for tobacco use, Bollywood is now being blamed for promoting alcohol to India's youth. NGOs PHFI ( Public Health Foundation of India) and HRIDAY(Health Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth) made two shocking findings after interviewing around 4,000 Delhi school children who watched Bollywood films. "Firstly, we found that 10% of these students who were in the 12-16 age group had already tried alcohol,'' said PHFI's Monika Arora, a principal investigator of the study. Secondly, the study found students that had been most exposed to alcohol use in Bollywood movies were found to be 2.78 times more likely to have tried alcohol compared with those who were least exposed.... “Celebrities and cricketers should not be brand ambassadors for liquor as it glamourises alcohol. Such ads inspire…


ITYF urges FIFA to protect child rightsCategory:Alcohol IndustryFamilyPreventionViolenceYouth Children Myself, along with other members of ITYF  appreciate the International efforts to reduce alcohol-related violence, protect public health and social development; we also understand that Brazilian football stadiums have been kept free from alcohol sales since 2003. These measures go along with scientific evidence from, among others, a WHO study, which included Brazil, showing that ca. 46% of violent incidents seen in emergency rooms are related to alcohol use. We condemn the statement of FIFA General Secretary Valcke ) in its totality that the “Right to sell beer has to be a part of the World cup law.“  ITYF members also urge the Brazilian Government to uphold the best interest of the child, respect the scientific evidence and
social needs of children and youth to maintain the ban in the new law. ITYF has announced a National Level Regional Work…

5-10% women in India drink alcoholic beverages

Sweet 16, but teenagers want their bitters
Times of India
The latest survey also revealed that at least 5-10% women in India drink
alcoholic beverages. Experts say the factors are globalization and easy
availability of alcohol in the market. "One can find alcohol in
departmental stores as well as medical ...