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Screen All Adults for Alcohol Misuse

By Frederik Joelving
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Sep 24 - Health providers should screen all adults and pregnant women for risky drinking habits, a government-backed expert panel said Monday in new draft recommendations.
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force guidelines were released along with a summary of past research showing a few brief counseling sessions can help cut excessive drinking in people who aren't full-blown alcoholics.
Researchers found that with such interventions, at least one in every ten risky drinkers can be brought back down to what is considered a safe drinking level.
For men, that means no more than four drinks on any one occasion and at most 14 a week. For women, the numbers are three and seven, respectively.
"The really good interventions incorporate self-help materials, they incorporate an action plan made by the doctor and the patient…

Alcohol linked to aggression: Experts

Times of India
A 2009 study published in Bombay Hospital Journal based on data from a city
slum found 44.86% wives of alcohol-dependant husbands suffered physical
violence as opposed to 28.04% in couples where the husband did not consume
alcohol. Dr Nayreen ...

Let Your Lifestyle Set You Free

At 3rd East African Alcohol Policy Conference IOGT International outlines the perils of Western lifestyle and the hope coming from Africa"We are truly happy and humble to be able to take part in this conference together with many high-level, and honorary participants from governments and civil society from all over East Africa," says Kristina Sperkova, the Vice President of IOGT International. The 2012 alcohol policy conference in the East African Community is held today and tomorrow in Arusha, Tanzania and carries the title: 'Act Now'. "'Act Now' is a well-chosen theme because what the world needs is a strong move beyond collecting data and statistics," says Kristina Sperkova. "East Africa, like all other regions in the world, really needs efforts for implementing evidence-based policy measures that are proven to be cost-effective and efficient in promoting health and societal development." Extensive research from all over the wo…

No cheers for Kerala?

..Today the state known worldwide as ‘god’s own country’ is in the pits, socially and morally. The rate of suicides in Kerala is almost 2.3 times India’s average...

For yet another year Keralites have welcomed their mythological benevolent king, Mahabali, by paying obeisance to none other than Bacchus. So fervent were the festivities that over 34 million Malayalees living in the small southern state splurged no less than Rs. 300 crore on Onam that fell on  August 29 this year.

Legend has it that when Mahabali ruled the state all men were equal. There was no hunger and shortage. It was supposed to be the golden era in Kerala’s history. Mahabali arguably could be termed as the father of communism in Kerala.
But today the state known worldwide as ‘god’s own country’ is in the pits, socially and morally. The rate of suicides in Kerala is almost 2.3 times India’s average. On a given day, at least 23 people take their lives, 16 men and seven women. Suicide in…

Hurray!!! Gujarat University VC surrenders his liquor permit ...

Hurray!!! Gujarat University VC surrenders his liquor permit ...
Times of India
AHMEDABAD: Giving in to intense social and political pressure, the newly
appointed Gujarat University (GU) vice-chancellor Adesh Pal said on Friday
that he had surrendered his liquor permit which entitled him to four units
of alcohol every month. "I ...  Congratulations sir!!