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Alcohol alert : Alcohol industry upset over link in plain packaging ads Sydney Morning Herald

Alcohol industry upset over link in plain packaging ads
Sydney Morning Herald

Heavy smoker countries including Russia, China, India and Vietnam, along           
with at least a dozen nations, have been exposed to adaptations of
Australian originals, including the ''sponge'' ad portraying the jar of tar
in a smoker's lung, ...
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6% of Kerala population suffers from mental illness: CAG report
Times of India

The report said the state was one of the leading consumers of alcohol and
that it had a suicide rate of 25.2 per lakh population against the national
average of 10 lakh. The government hasn't conducted an "epidemiological
survey to identify ...

International Day Against Drug abuse 26th June 2011

Today, Mr.Vatsyayan was interviewed on All India Radio FM Gold on the occasion of International Day Against Drug abuse . He talked about drug abuse among children  specially students and street children. He also discussed about the drug policy at school and at workplace. Children with drug problem should not be terminated rather they should be helped by everyone in the school and family. In case child is out of school than you are making him more vulnerable. He further added and underlined the  importance of this particular day 26th June and its relevance and how it helps us to reassure ourselves to rededicate for the cause .

“Drugs are a paramount obstacle for social and democratic development in societies all over the world.

Global Health Starts with Drug-Free Communities

The most successful approaches in drug use prevention involve the critical role of families, schools, and communities to build on protective factors to ensure safe and healthy childhood and adolescent years and to provide viable and legitimate livelihoods for adults.

Globally every year an estimated 210 million people use illicit drugs, with almost 200,000 of them dying annually. Drug use and drug trafficking are not only a health threat, but also threaten global stability and socio-economic development across the world.
In 2008, when the world community gathered at the end of a 10-year period to fight drugs, Member States were still “gravely concerned about the growing threat posed by the world drug problem.” They re-committed themselves to “eliminate or significantly reduce” the overall drug supply and demand by 2019.

“The context in which we observe this year’s World Drug Day is an ambitious but visionary challenge the world community com…

What is the right age to start drinking alcohol?

What is the right age to start drinking alcohol? 
Children attending Pehchaan Radio club Balbhawan Mandi asked this question? Adults may like to respond ......

Pehchaan Radio club members Jawahar Balbhawan Mandi visits All India Radio

Today, 25 Children of Pehchaan Radio club members Jawahar Balbhawan Mandi  visited All India Radio and did recording for Children program on AIR . The occasion was spreading the message on International Day against Drug abuse Think of Health Not the DRUGS... More pictures will follow Station Director Laxmi Shankar Vajpayee shred and talked to children at the end and give tips on radio as a change agent and its spread. He also motivated the children to get involved in radio more seriously. Children were joined by staff of Nada India and Blbhawan Mandi . Pictures will be posted later....

Talent (Singing,story telling poetry ,etc.) hunt for All India Radio recording was launched

Talent (Singing,story telling poetry ,etc.) hunt for All India Radio recording was launched by Pallavi Nada Team and Mr.Parveen and Mr.Sanjeev of Balbhawan Mandi. Club Members will be visiting AIR Delhi station on 21st June and 23rd June respectively. Mr.Parveen Bali discussed about history of radio in India and how it works. News reporters were identified  and deputed to gather news from different department. Today Mr.Suneel Vatsyayan Chairman Nada India and Ms.Pallavi also guided with participatory approach during talent hunt and news gathering classes. Mr.Vatsyayan added presently, radio club community is limited to Bal Bhawan Mandi village. Each child is important and what he does and talks is a news. Mr.Bisth Officer In-charge  is taking personal interest in the day to  day activities of  the club. We continue to get all technical support in editing from Mr.Narender in-charge computer department of Balbhawan Mandi.

News update: Bal-Pehchaan Radio club class in progress