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Man kills wife for alcohol...assertion may be fatal

GURGAON: A resident of Bhawani Enclave near Sector 9 allegedly killed his wife with an axe on Sunday afternoon after she refused to give him money to buy liquor. They were alone at home with their two sons away. The accused has criminal background, said police.

Radheshyam, 43, lived with his wife and two sons in Bhawani Enclave. On Sunday around 3.40pm,Radheshyam asked his wife Santosh, 40, for money to buy liquor. Radheshyam is an alcoholic and it had been a cause of concern in the family. His wife refused to give him the money and a quarrel broke out between the two. Radheshyam went on a rampage and hacked her wife with an axe, after which he fled from the house....Assertion may be fatel

IOGT Global Voices Update #2

Brand new blogs dealing with: Human Rights, especially the rights of children and women's rights. Alcohol Policy, especially developments in South Africa, Ghana and Uganda. Big Alcohol operations in Ireland and around the world, by the example of Diageo. Narcotic Drugs Policy processes on global scale, especially fighting for civil society involvement.
In this Global Voices Update<> we bring you voices from around the world who took a closer look at a number of exciting and hot issues:

- Maik looks at what the global alcohol industry is doing to drive up alcohol harm<> in order to earn more money;

- Rogers looks at how alcohol policy developments turn out in Uganda, with a brand new Status Report<> on alcohol in Uganda and David looks at South Africa,…

Social Media And Best Interest Of The Child.. Suneel

Social Media And Best Interest Of The ChildCategory:Alcohol CultureMarketingPolicyYouth What kind of social defence do we have for the social media? It socializes and influences to an increasingly greater extent. And its impact seems to become bigger compared to “real life” social relations. It seems impossible for parents and teachers to monitor their children online. I was watching a televised debate on National Television DD News this week about a news story published in a Daily news paper: “Close Facebook accounts now, Bangalore school tells its kids”.  It was interesting to see how the decision of the school triggers a national debate in the best interest of the child. Questions raised during the debate were for instance: Should we just leave it to the child and let him/her decide? When does a virtual boundary cross the social boundaries and harms the child? Teenagers in India (and across the world) increasingly live in a virtual and socia…

Youth to speak up and make an Impact

The Youth Parliament is a platform for the youth to speak up and make an impact on the change agenda for the country. To take on the policy makers and highlight the need for new thinking that will take the country forward. The Youth Parliament will be an interactive round table debate between the best young debaters and key policy and opinion makers, on critical issues involving Politics: The Political Class of India has failed to meet the aspirations of India's youth, Economy: Governance is the reason for India’s Economic slowdown and Foreign Affairs: India's Foreign Policy is not in line with our Global aspirations. Open to the youth, between 19 and 24 years of age, the platform will inspire them to express their views in an organised way. It will also allow for the emergence of bright future more

Heavy drinking among old people is strongly linked with depression and anxiety

Older drinkers need better alcohol advice, TNN | Aug 8, 2013, 06.59 PM IST

Newcastle University academics have called for changes to be made to the recommended safe levels of drinking for over 65s and also special alcohol advice to be made available for older people.
The call comes as the team from Newcastle and Sunderland Universities publish a paper which looks at the reasons why many older people continue to drink to levels hazardous or harmful to their health. The paper, published today in the journal PLOS ONE,found that many older people may not recognize they are heavy drinkers if they don't see themselves as dependent and therefore having a problem.
As part of the study, organised through Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, the academics carried out interviews and conducted focus groups with 53 men and women aged between 65 and 90. They wanted to find out the reasons why so many of people in that age group continue to drin…

Adolescents can be influenced by their friends' online pictures to smoke or drink alcohol...

'Social media pics affect risky behaviour in teens'Times of India
LOS ANGELES: Teenagers who see friends smoking and drinking alcohol in photographs posted on social networking sites are more likely to indulge in such ...