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'Drop in road accidents after alcohol ban'

The number of accidents because of rash driving has come down noticeably.
Times of India
GUWAHATI: Ever since bars and liquor shops were closed down here after an
order from the high court, the number of accidents because of rash driving
has come down noticeably. A single bench of justice Ujjal Bhuyan ordered on
August 9 that all liquor ...

'Just one alcoholic drink a day may up the risk of cancer' Business Standard

Press Trust of India / London August 26, 2012, 16:05. Binge drinkers are
not the only ones who need to worry about the health implications of
alcohol, even light drinking increases the cancer risk significantly, a new
study has claimed. According to ...


An excerpt fromFEMINABELIEVE (March 29, 2006)

ALCOHOLISM: THE LOWS ABOUT THE HIGHS YOU SHOULD KNOW. NO CHEERS! One innocent drink may mark the beginning of a slide into alcoholism and a lifetime of living with the disease. Purabi Shridhar profiles the alarming trend of alcoholism among women in India.
“ IMPLICATIONS OF ALCOHOLISM Psychotherapist Suneel Vatsyayan, who is also founding director of Nada India, takes a long hard look at the disease. “We have to look at women alcoholics not only from the gender perspective, but also in the Indian context. A woman in India is vulnerable even without being alcoholic- dependency on alcohol is like adding fuel to fire. PHYSICAL IMPLICATIONS-:The deterioration starts immediately. Physically, alcohol affects women much more intensely than men. The ravages of alcoholism that begin to show within four to five years in men start showing in women in two years or so. The liver is the first to go, and with increased susceptibility to hepatitis, chronic liv…

ICMR Project:Radio DATE (Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Education)

Radio DATE (Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Education)
"About 4% tobacco users in Goa and about 6% users in Karnataka quit their habit
after hearing the programme. About 98% to 99% of the listeners expressed that such
programmes should continue."

The project Radio DATE was a collaborative effort of Indian Council of Medical
Research and All India Radio. The acronym DATE stood for Drugs, Alcohol, and
Tobacco Education. The radio programme was in the form of 30 weekly episodes of 20
minutes each. Ten episodes focussed on tobacco, eight each on alcohol and drugs, and
two episodes on legal aspects. The introductory and concluding episodes touched all the
three themes. The episodes were broadcast from 84 stations of All India Radio (out of
104 existing at that time) at prime time, simultaneously in sixteen languages. 
The prototype was developed in Hindi and was sent to selected radio stations of All India
Radio for translation in regional language, as per the specified guidelines. The broad…

30 part serial Radio DATE [Drug, Alcohol , Tobacco Education ]. The serial was a joint venture of AIR and ICMR

**Prof. T K Thomas
*Radio DATE (Drug, Alcohol , Tobacco Education ) ......................I left All India Radio [AIR] in1987. An year or two later I was invited to write a 30 part serial Radio DATE [Drug, Alcohol , Tobacco Education ]. The serial was a joint venture of AIR and the Indian Council of Medical Research [ICMR]. At that time I was involved in a study of the problem of drugs and alcohol in India. I had travelled extensively in the country wherever major drug or alcohol problem existed. I was under the impression before the research that substance abuse and addiction were social problems on account of deviant behaviour or at the most medical or mental health problems . But my research for the Radio DATE programme proved that the ramifications of addiction comprised drain on domestic budgets ,state resources, poverty ,deprivation ,domestic  violence  law and order  problems including   narco-terrorism. In  the  scripts  of   Radio  DATE  programmes  I included all these  aspec…

Pehchaan Teen Radio Show: "Sunder Jeevan"

When we say drugs, two things come to our mind: drugs itself and money to buy it...With this theme and theory my not so creative mind picked up three instances from our day-to –day life and came up with such a simple plot line. The story involves a family who is a victim of the patriarch who is a full alcoholic and how his habit harms his own family...... Three friends who came under the influence of alcohol and cigarette (in short drugs) forced the 4th friend to indulge in such a heinous act but the strong will power and determination; he overcame his lust and said no to drugs. But eventually, one of the friends got into the habit of stealing money from his house and later on being caught by his sister, abuses her and showed fearless attitude. With this,the untold story begins and the journey from drugs to death depicted in a simplistic manner with item numbers, masala comedy and heart-throbbing emotions takes a toll over the audience...Here is the link to "Sunder J…

End of good times on Facebook for alcohol brands..Firstpost Business

In a development which could impact the way brands in certain categories use Facebook, “The Australian Advertising Standards Board  has ruled that Facebook is an advertising medium, and as such, company pages must comply with pertinent codes and laws, vetting all public posts to ensure they are not sexist, racist or factually inaccurate,” says Brandchannel.
The ruling was in a case involving Smirnoff. “The Board did not pursue the specific Smirnoff complaint, but ruled in general that Australia’s advertising laws were applicable to everything on a brand’s page — and not just content generated by the company, a ruling with significant impact for large brands where thousands and thousands of comments are regularly posted,” the Brandchannel report says. In India, if “advertising laws were applicable to everything on a brand’s page” in the context of Facebook, all pages belonging to alcohol brands would instantly become illegal – as alcohol advertising has been banned in Indi…
A month to retain, forever! -Bhishm Wahi, Nada Volunteer

It has been a roller-coaster ride from nowhere to reaching height of my goals. Initially, being a shy boy lacking a leadership quality to transform into a new level of upbringing which not only developed beautiful perspective into my life but also inculcated the feeling of grown up.
With full support and trust Mr. Suneel Vatsyayan and Mrs. Pallavi Vatsyayan embarked a responsibility rather I should say a task which on first seems to be an impossible dream but later came out very beautifully and successfully. Since, the ‘International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking’ event came to an end with 10 days long extravaganza. 
My next work got assigned to me even before I could breathe a bit from the strain and pressure. Suneel sir’s words ‘you are going to teach theatre to the children of bal bhawan from tomorrow’ glorified my ears and mind. I, Bhishm Wahi, commenced a whole new journey from In…

Complaint against principal for giving girl students alcohol

Times of India
The complaint was lodged after one of the girls told her family that the
principal allegedly behaved indecently, used invectives, entered their
mosquito curtains at night and gave them alcohol to drink, the sources
said. Social Welfare Minister ...