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Right to Survival...

There was a spurt in suicides by farmers in Telangana last week. Worldwide  800,000  people commit suicide every year. Of these 1,35,000  [17%] are Indians! ]
By: T.K Thomas,   Oct 24, 2017
Recently, an addiction prevention expert and activist  and chairman of NADA India FoundationSuneel Vatsyayan  who works on mental health issues was interacting with a large number of marginalized children in the Mangolpuri area of the National Capital organized by Dr.  A.V.Baliga Trust. As part of the session he showed them a recent television interview with popular Hindi film actress Deepika Padukune. The focus of the programme was on the screen diva’s experience and views on depression. The children reacted differently and one of their unanimous reactions was their consternation at a celebrity like Deepika suffering from depression. It was beyond their comprehension as to how such a leading actor and daughter of a former World Badminton Champion who is adored by millions and has everything and lead…

Let us talk: .More BSF personnel are dying of mental illnesses than in the line of duty,..

Hindustan Times

It is not a sight we see very often in the Indian context. I am referring to Deepika Padukone speaking openly about her battle with depression a while ago. “When I was in pain, suffering alone… I was going about my day, posing for cameras… signing autographs. What nobody saw was that I would break down for no reason …getting out of bed was a struggle,” she wrote in Hindustan Times earlier this week. What made a successful actor, the daughter of a badminton world champion, go out on a limb and discuss her struggle to overcome depression? When I was reading about Deepika Padukone’s encounters with mental problems, I was reminded of the virtually unknown RK Shukla.
Unlike Padukone, Shukla never got a chance to face up to his anxieties and survive to tell the tale. Driven to tipping point by workplace stress, the Madhya Pradesh police head constable committed suicide when he was asked to clean drains on Gandhi Jayanti. Two days later, BSF jawan Dharam Singh shot hims…