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Ist - Annual Psychoanalytical Conference 2013 ‘Psychoanalysis, Culture and Religion’

Invitation for

Ist - Annual Psychoanalytical Conference 2013 
‘Psychoanalysis, Culture and Religion’ 

Psychoanalytical Unit, Department of Mental Health & Behavioural 
Sciences-Fortis Healthcare 
in association with 
 School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi 

The Psychoanalytical Unit (Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences-
Fortis Healthcare) in association with the School of Human Studies (Ambedkar
University- Delhi) are pleased to announce the first annual psychoanalytical
conference in Delhi. The conference will be open for psychoanalysts and
psychoanalytic affiliates (registered with either the Indian Psychoanalytic
Society or the International Psychoanalytical Association or one of it’s member
societies), psychoanalytical psychotherapists, psychoanalytical teachers and
students of psychoanalysis.
The theme of this year’s conference will be “Psychoanalysis, Culture and

Participants are required to pre-register for the conference…

When it comes to drinking and flying, DGCA soft on desi pilots..They will get three chnaces

Licences of expats are cancelled immediately; Indians are given three chances. - Sudhir Shetty/DNA The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) seems to be going softer on Indian pilots in comparison with expats who are charged with consuming alcohol before or during a flight.

As per a new law being drafted by the DGCA, any Indian pilot or crew member, found positive for consumption of alcohol, will have his/her licence cancelled for three months. In case, the same individual is caught a second time, his/her licence will be cancelled for two years and for five years, the third time. 

In contrast, if an expat is caught for the first time, his flying permit will be cancelled and subsequently the licence issuing authority will be informed about the offence, claims the new draft report undersigned by DGCA chief Arun Misra.

As per DGCA guidelines, even when the level of alcohol in the blood is zero, there could be some effects of hangover. These congeners may take 15-18 hours to get dissi…

Campaign against alcohol: CM receives 4 lakh post cards from distressed women and children

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy with representatives of Santhwanam, a centre for distressed women and children, with the letters written by school students, in Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday | Manu R Mavelil Post cards bearing heart-rending experiences, all on the ruinous effect of alcoholism in families. They were mostly written by children, and many found it the best way to give vent to their deep frustrations. In small bundles, the post cards made way to the newly-built visitors’ station next to the north gate of Secretariat. Four lakh such cards addressed to him were received by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy himself on Wednesday during the inaugural of the visitors’ station. The cards were brought here by Santhwanam, a centre for distressed women and children at Kottayam, as part of ‘Jwala 2013’, an initiative against alcoholism. “No one knows about the sufferings of women and children in families with alcoholic men. The next generation should be free from it,” said Annie Babu, mana…