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China and India had the biggest fatality tolls from alcohol in 2016... Global status report on alcohol 18

New World Health Organization research shows a strong correlation between rising incomes, alcohol consumption and booze-related deaths in much of Asia By ALAN BOYD SYDNEY, OCTOBER 6, 2018 Rising incomes are driving up alcohol consumption in much of Asia and the Pacific, with death rates from excessive drinking in Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and Russia now among the highest anywhere in the world. Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific are the only two regions that have seen increased per capita consumption since 2000, according to the latest Global Status Reportcompiled by the World Health Organization (WHO). The UN agency has called for stronger measures to prevent the growing medical toll. “Concerted actions are needed to achieve at least stabilization of increasing trends in alcohol consumption in the Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions …,” the report said. “Proven, cost-effective actions include increasing taxes on alcoholic drinks, bans or restrictions on alcohol advertisi…