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Beware of winter myths....Alcohol doesn't make you feel any warmer

Times of India - ‎ There are numerous techniques to stay warm but you might be doing it the wrong way. Many believe alcohol consumption helps to beat the chill but that's false, reports Here are some myths and facts: Alcohol doesn't make you feel any ...

Centre planning national alcohol policy

Centre planning national alcohol policy New Delhi, Nov 29, 2013, DHNS:
The Union Health Ministry plans to come out with a national alcohol policy to suggest ways and means of reducing harm caused by alcohol as India is all set to adopt a voluntary target of reducing alcohol consumption due to its adverse public health consequences.

The policy being framed by the ministry may suggest how the consumption of alcohol can be brought down by 5 per cent by 2020 and by an additional five per cent by 2025. It would emphasise on public health impacts of alcohol use and how it adds to India’s non-communicable disease burden.

Currently, alcohol comes under the purview of the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment that looks into its societal impact. At the state level, alcohol is regulated by state excise policies that cover manufacturing, distribution and possession of alcohol.....

Magic Drink!!

Big Alcohol wants us to believe their myths about the magic of alcohol and glamorise its effects. We've created a better brand: #MagicDrink Tasty, stylish, alcohol free, good for you, your party, your community. Drinking @magicdrink means uniting fun and community. Mission Inspire Freedom - together for women and girls - every 25th Magic Drink promotes health, well-being, freedom, happiness, taste and style and it promotes social values beyond that: gender equality, and a world free from gender-based violence in all its forms. 
Alcohol-free is the new black. Or orange... Description Although the alcohol industry has us believe their myths about the magic of alcohol, most of us know that alcohol is NOT a magic drink: it causes medical, social, economic, and democratic harm, ruins families and commu- nities, keeps people in poverty and exposes children to violence. And up to 80% of cases of violence against women and girls are rela- ted to alcohol. No magic at all. This also means th…

Ban alcohol advertising and products: NGOs

By IANS, New Delhi: A new report by a group of NGOs Tuesday highlighted the ill-effects of advertising and marketing of alcohol on young people, and proposed a comprehensive ban on all kinds of marketing strategies that seek to portray drinking as normal. "To reduce alcohol consumption, it is very important that the governments enforce a comprehensive ban on all kinds of advertising of alcohol brands and products. "A separate government agency should be formed to monitor this ban," said the report titled "Alcohol Marketing and Regulatory Policy Environment in India" released here. The report was developed by the Public Health Foundation of India in collaboration with Delhi-based NGO Hriday and Swedish National Institute of Public Health. Monika Arora, director of the health promotions unit of Public Health Foundation of India blamed advertising for promoting the use of alcohol among youth. "It has been seen that children who are exposed to alcohol us…

“Rampant advertising by alcohol industry in India and need for a national level alcohol control policy”.

Nada India Team participated in a seminar on the topicRampant advertising by alcohol industry in India and need for a national level alcohol control policy”. Seminar was organised by Public Health Foundation of India. India. There are satellite channels in India who are promoting responsible drinking and targeting  aspiring rich and   young  people   The Health Promotion Division of the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) has undertaken a research on alcohol industry, its marketing strategies and policy environment around alcohol in India. This data has been compiled into a Report “Alcohol Marketing and Regulatory Policy Environment in India”. The report was  released on November 26, 2013.  This is the first time that such an endeavour has been undertaken in India and a comprehensive report has been preparedThe report maps key alcohol players, types of alcohol products in India, rampant growth of alcohol industry and its marketing and advertising practices that target women an…

Women and Girls Suffer Alcohol-Related Violence

Global Coalition Calls for Action on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
BERLIN, GERMANY, (November 25, 2013) -- Violence against women and girls is often alcohol-related. But alcohol violence can be prevented if civil society and decision-makers take effective action together.
A global coalition of civil society organizations spearheaded by IOGT International is leading the way in stopping the excuse of alcohol violence against women and girls, in implementing concrete, grass-roots actions for the creation of more alcohol-free, save environments and in empowering women and girls.
November 25th is the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.” It is the day when awareness is raised of the pervasiveness of violence against women and commitments are being made.
Every single day actions are needed for preventing and eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls. Actions are needed everywhere: in public places, the streets, s…

Pick up signs early, don’t wait too long...

Pick up signs early, don’t wait too longZoomBookmarkSharePrintTranslate PREVENTION Unexplained discomfort or change in pattern of activity needs to be taken seriouslyNEW DELHI: Pain or discomfort in the chest may be the most commonly known signs of a heart attack. But health experts warn that not every person having a heart attack may experience this. And that is why it becomes imperative to be aware of the typical warning signs to pick up a heart attack before it strikes someone. ARVIND YADAV/HTRegular exercises, yoga and dietary modifications help prevent fat deposition in blood vessels. “Classic early signs of a heart attack are when a person feels some level of discomfort in the chest or otherwise while doing some activity that was earlier done with ease. The change in pattern, no matter how mild, spells trouble,” says Dr Naresh Trehan, cardiac surgeon and chairman, Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon. Heart specialists especially warn those who are at a high risk of developing a heart attack. …

Petroleum and Alcohol: The main sources of income for states.

Shillong: The empowered committee of state finance ministers today unanimously decided to keep petroleum and alcohol out of the proposed Goods and Service Tax (GST) stating that these were the main sources of income for states.

"There is total unanimity that these (petroleum and alcohol) should be kept out of GST," Abdul Rahim Rather, chairman of the empowered committee of state finance ministers, told reporters here.

Mr Rather, who is also the finance minister of Jammu and Kashmir, said that the decision to exclude these two items from the proposed GST was based on an appeal made by states.

The central government, in its revised draft of the constitution amendment bill, had proposed that fuel and liquor should be brought under the ambit of GST.

"These are the main sources of income for the states and if they (petroleum and alcohol) are included in the GST the states will stand to lose a lot," he said......…

Liquor main cause for liver ailments, say doctors

Calling alcoholism the primary cause for liver-related diseases, doctors advocated restriction on liquor outlets and deglamorisation of alcohol to prevent the menace. The liver specialists also stressed on alcohol-related education, prevention and research in India and to make liquor more expensive. Highlighting the lack of proper treatment of liver- related ailments, doctors said there was a need for more investment in research and developing new tools to treat the disease. Doctors, who are presently in the city to attend an international symposium on alcoholic liver and pancreatic diseases and cirrhosis organised by Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS), stressed on the need for a research budget in this area and also take up public health epidemiology study to get to the root of it. "India needs to take up some big public health epidemiology study. Go out in the communities and discover levels of alcoholism and the prevalence of diseases. That data is needed for public…

Donate:Nada India is in need of old computers

Nada India  is in need of old computers for senior citizens and young people
Pehchaan (Identity) a program of Nada India is an effort to help people to build on their identity especially among the marginalized and the underprivileged like adolescents, women and senior citizens. Nada India helps senior citizens & young people in motivating them, involving them in community development process as well as training them in Information Technology using up-to-date packages and giving them an qualification in Word Processing (Word), Basics of Computer ; MS – Windows; MS – Word; as well as a quick introduction to the E-Mail and Internet,

Four community computer training (one month duration) has been organized by Nada India in collaboration with National Institute of Social Defense Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment for the senior citizens of Chhattarpur village, Mendawali village Delhi ,Gurgoan Haryana Ramprestha Dist. Gaziabad (UP) and Aaya Nagar Delhi.
In order to continue their…