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Ranbir Kapoor says no to alcohol and tobacco brand endorsement... You are not an exception but a voice of majority of young people

While other stars in B-Town eagerly jump onto the brand endorsement bandwagon to earn pots of money, Ranbir Kapoor prefers to be an exception.
Recently, the star turned down alcohol and tobacco brands even though the companies were willing to pay whatever he wanted.

Says a friend of Ranbir, "RK has turned down lucrative proposals from several brands. He is also known to have a strict policy against endorsing alcohol and tobacco on screen. He takes time when associating with a brand. He was approached for a fairness skincare range currently being endorsed by his contemporary. He said no as he doesn't believe in emulating a culture that promotes fairness. He also has gone on record to clarify that he would never endorse smoking or drinking on screen."