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Myth busted: Booze offers no net health benefits

Myth busted: Booze offers no net health benefits

Bloomberg | Mar 23, 2016,
It's an irresistible headline: People who drink alcohol in moderation actually live longer than those who abstain entirely. However, a study has shown the fact suffers from a big flaw: The "abstainers" category includes people who used to drink but have stopped. They may be inherently less healthy, than people who drink in moderation. That doesn't mean that drinking in moderation causes people to live longer.
Researchers at University of Victoria in British Columbia examined 87 studies on the relationship between alcohol and mortality that involved nearly four million people. Only 13 of them strictly separated life-long non-drinkers from people who used to drink or those who imbibe occasionally. Analysing the studies that were free from "abstainer bias" showed no significant benefits for moderate drinkers compared to lifetime abstainers.
And when they compared moderate drinkers with tho…

"What children don't realise is that marijuana is a gateway drug..says S.Vatsyayan,Nada India

Heady childhood Marijuana addiction is coming out of universities and into schools with children as young as 11 experimenting with it Veenu SandhuMarch 19, 2016 
"Doctor, have you tried marijuana?"
"Then how do you know it is bad?"

Brahmdeep Sindhu, senior psychiatrist at the Civil Hospital in Gurgaon, was stumped when a 14-year-old from a prominent school threw this question at him. "The child then went to great lengths, quoting blogs he had read on the internet, to convince me why he, many of his classmates and some of his juniors, children as young as 12, thought it was harmless, even beneficial, to smoke up."

Every month, 15 to 20 new cases of schoolchildren, boys and girls, are brought by their parents to Sindhu for counselling. They are all hooked to cannabis: often(the leaf of the plant) and sometimes hashish (extracted from the plant's resin).

Far away from Gurgaon, in the fields past Navi Mumbai, children, in school uniform…