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Children must learn to go out and play says John Abraham

A keen sportsperson himself, Abraham recently became the co-owner of the Delhi Waveriders, which won the Hockey India League this year. We caught up with the actor at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Delhi on the sidelines of a recent hockey game. 
Excerpts from the interview: 
..........How strongly do you feel about children taking up a sport?For me, sport is like a religion. I used to play rugby, football and volleyball. I was into athletics, and discus, shot put and javelin were my specialities. I believe that every kid should pick up three things - a sport, a foreign language and a musical instrument. I learnt German for some time and have always wanted to learn to play the tabla. I still want to. Maybe I will start learning it soon. This is like the 'tripod' of life. We need to develop this habit right from childhood. I remember I met Valentino Rossi and asked him when he started racing. He said he began racing professionally late in life, at the age of 13. Rossi said t…

Kids should be out, living their lives, getting out and enjoying themselves,” Payne said.

NCPCR bats for safe playgrounds for kids

NEW DELHI: Child rights commission has gone to an unusual extent to fulfill its mandate in protecting child rights. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has asked states to ensure that future housing projects are planned keeping in mind the need for safe playing spaces for children.
At a time when most urban growth is unplanned and cheek-by-jowl, the NCPCR has made a set of 10-point guidelines for playgrounds including the presence of pediatrician and first-aid facilities, boundary walls and security guards besides being at a location that is unlikely to disturb other residents.

The Commission has also suggested that if the housing colony does not have a playground, a neighbouring park or green space should be designated for children.

There should be free ingress and egress of children without any discrimination and the play ground should be open on all reasonable times, the guidelines say while adding that play areas should accommodate different types of play i…

Get out and play: Ruskin Bond tells children

Noted author Ruskin Bond reminds children that they should spend leisure time in parks and other outdoor spaces rather than in malls or playing video games so that they can bond with the beauty of nature.

"I always wanted to tell the children that they should spend more time in parks and grounds and try to blend with the beauty of nature. That will increase your creative level as a writer," Bond said.

The author, who is the guest of honour at the ongoing World New Delhi World Book Fair was participating in an Author's Corner session, where he interacted with children and adults.

The 80-year-old author, in his long journey that extends across six decades has given the readers over 500 short stories, nearly 50 children's books, a dozen or so novellas and 150 other books. Bond emphasised that a writer should be always interested in people.

"An authors work directly or indirectly connects with people and their milieu. So, it would be better, before penning down one regi…

Good News..EC to monitor flow of alcohol during 2014 polls

Good news 
BHUBANESWAR: The Election Commission will monitor flow of alcohol in the state during the Lok Sabha and assembly elections. Special teams will be formed under excise commissioner for it, official sources said.

"The EC has issued guidelines to bring all bottling plants, warehouses and wholesale liquor shops under CCTV surveillance," said chief electoral officer Mona Sharma.

The special teams will maintain a daily record of the sale, uptake and production of liquor in the state.
The team will scrutinize the rise in sale of liquor in all constituencies.

"If the sale of liquor is found to be 30% more than that of the previous month then that shop will come under the radar and all its transactions will be monitored," said additional CEO Hari Ballav Mishra.

Besides, the liquor monitoring team there will be three flying squads and three static surveillance teams will be formed in each assembly constituency to keep a watch on various poll-rule violations like flow of …

A park reborn in East Delhi,..Nada salutes courage of senior citizens..

One of Nada India trustee Sh.Dharma Pal, a senior citizen retired as Executive Engineer from slum wing of Delhi Development Authirty  joined the struggle for the park in the year 2000 . Police arrested him along with  other senior citizens and sent to Tihar jail. Nada India salutes these senior citizens and other awaken residents for their courage and commitment. 
Now this park has been maintained by Municipal Corporation of Delhi and used by young and old one from the neighborhood for good health.

Nalini Ranjan 
New Delhi, July 11
After a two-decade battle, the residents of Bhola Nath Nagar in Shahdara, East Delhi, have finally managed to get a park in their area freed from the clutches of the local Ram Leela Mandali and they are ecstatic about it.
Finally, there will be some greenery in the otherwise drab residential colony. The children too will be able to romp in the park rather than on roads, as they were forced to earlier with the danger of being mowed down by the traffic.
The park h…

Use of alcohol as bribe during elections is paralyzing the democracy...

Indian politicians are expected to spend around $5 billion during the lead up to the general elections next month, reported Reuters on Sunday, the second most costliest election campaign in the world – behind only the U.S. Presidential Elections.

 Citing a study by the Centre for Media Studies, which tracks campaign spending, Reuters reported that the figure would be nearly triple what was spent on electioneering during the last national poll in 2009, while a significant percentage would also go into “bribing” voters with cash payouts or alcohol.

“Indian politicians regularly bribe voters with cash payouts or alcohol to secure their support,” claimed Reuters. “Recent state elections have seen innovations such as getting money to voters via mobile phone credit and envelopes of cash delivered in morning papers.”

Officially, Indian politicians are only allowed to spend a maximum of 7 million rupees ($114,000) on campaigns for a parliament seat. The real cost of winning however is about 10 t…

TV, video game, junk food expose kids to liver diseases

Long hours in front of television, video games replacing sports in the park and junk food has exposed one in six children to fatty liver disease, according to doctors.
The condition -- a condition in which liver gains 5-10 per cent more fat than the weight of the organ -- was used to be prevalent among adults but now children are increasingly falling to the disease. Not only excessive consumption of alcohol but obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and eating junk food are major causes of fatty liver disease. Fatty Liver Disease is of two types - Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). While the former is caused due to the excessive consumption of alcohol, the latter is caused because of obesity, consumption of excessive junk food and lack of exercise. Office routine and hectic work timings have pushed 25-year-old Manas (who goes by his first name) to overlook his health. He shifted to Delhi five months back and since then his lifestyle has completely changed. No home cooked-…

6 things that increase health risks in women

1.Lack of exercise A study conducted by the Public Health Foundation of India showed that about 29 per cent of the adult population in India does not exercise or barely moves, to be precise. Among those, about one third of women (34 percent) had inadequate physical activity. Most married women tend to put on weight after getting married. And homemakers are further less likely to get exercise than men. Women should get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. Women who exercise in their midlife protect themselves against osteoporosisdepressioncancer and obesity....

Alert:Everyone's addicted to something...

It's not just cigarettes that are hard to quit – exercise, coffee, video games or shouting at Question Time are habit-forming too Michael Moran, Wednesday 26 February 2014 
The 'runner’s high' that drives exercise addicts on is just one of the pleasure stimuli that make exercise the most addictive pastime in modern life. Photograph: Cultura/Moof/Getty Images It supposedly takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. But only 37 cigarettes to be an addict. A new study reveals social smokers actually smoke 37 cigarettes a week. At average rates that's over two and a half hours of solid smoking weekly. Social smokers are just addicts in denial. But the rest of us shouldn't be too quick to sneer. Addiction is part of the human condition. We're all addicted to something: it's just a question of owning up to your own particular poison. Video games In the anglophone west, there's a paucity of peril. Our ancestors accessorised their muddy robes with sw…