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Youth for Tobacco Free India

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Nada Youth for Tobacco Free India: Ground breaking initiatives

नाडा इंडिया सेहत और पर्यावरण के प्रति सजग, शुरू किया ‘यूथ फॉर वेलबिंग कैंपेन’

नाडा इंडिया सेहत और पर्यावरण के प्रति सजग, शुरू किया ‘यूथ फॉर वेलबिंग कैंपेन’ #tobaccofreeindia #youth4tobaccofreeindia #youth4wellbeing चंडीगढ़, हरियाणा के लगभग 110 स्कूलों और काॅलेजों को देश की सेहत और प्र्यायवरण के प्रति सजग कर और उन्हें अपने अभियान में शामिल कर नाडा इंडिया फाऊंडेशन और नाडा यंग इंडिया नैटवर्क ने ‘यूथ फाॅर वैलबिंग कैंपेन’ की शुरुआत की है। इस कैंपेन के तहत तंबाकू और तंबाकू से जुड़े उत्पादों के सेल प्वाईंट का विरोध किया जा रहा है जो कि युवाओं की सेहत और देश के प्र्यायवरण से खिलवाड़ करती है। टाॅफियों, काॅनफेक्शनरी और चिप्स के सेल्स की आड़ में गुटका, तंबाकू, खैणी और सिगरेट की चुपचाप बिक्री का नाडा इंडिया पुरजोर विरोध करता है क्योंकि ऐसे स्टाल्स पर यह तंबाकू उत्पाद बच्चों और युवाओं को लुभाते हैं। नाडा यंग इंडिया नेटवर्क की दीपशिखा कुमारी ने इसी संदर्भ में डेजिग्नेटिड स्मोकिंग एरिया (डीएसए)  और पब्लिक स्मोकिंग पर पूर्ण रुप से पाबंदी की मांग की है जो कि कोविड 19 इन्फेक्शन के लिये हॉटस्पॉट साबित होते हैं और महामारी को एक बार फिर से बुलावा देते हैं। हिमाचल और पंजाब के स्

World No Tobacco Day 2022 "Protecting Planet and Public health from Tobacco"

#youth4tobaccofreeindia, Youth for wellbeing campaign launched by Nada India Foundation and Nada Young India Network alongside 110 participating schools and colleges from Haryana to remove the Point of Sale of Tobacco Displays since the POS Tobacco displays act as influencers and promote the acceptability of Tobacco Products among the youth of the country. The displays of the gutka, khaini and Cigarette pack arrangements with Toffees and chips are a way of silently promoting the deadly products among children.

World Health Assembly Adopts Historic Global Alcohol Action Plan

   Movendi International Makes Four Recommendations For the Way Forward This is a historic day. Now we need bold action.  We as  Nada India Foundation  civil society  are ready to partner, support, and help advance alcohol policy as a catalyst for well-being and development for all.  The 75th Session of the World Health Assembly ( WHA75 ) has adopted a historic decision for the global response to the harm caused by the alcohol industry. WHA75 adopted the WHO Global Alcohol Action Plan unanimously and in doing so endorses a comprehensive plan with ambitious targets to accelerate action on alcohol as public health priority. Movendi International has  partnered with WHO Member States and civil society organizations  to make alcohol policy the priority it should be, to bring alcohol policy back on the agenda of the World Health Organization’s governing bodies in order to improve the response to alcohol harm at all levels. Movendi International President Kristína Šperková and Movendi Intern

An open letter to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

Dear Sh.  Bachchan ji, We applaud you for making the conscious decision to terminate the contract with a Paan Masala brand and returning the entire amount received towards promotional duties. This shows your concern for protecting children and young people, the intended targets of such surrogate advertising. Over the years, the Tobacco Control advocates have been steadily gaining ground in its fight against cigarettes, bidi, pan masala, gutka, and other addictive tobacco products. However, that progress is under continuous threat from underhanded marketing tactics such as surrogate advertising of seemingly innocuous ‘mouth fresheners’ from brands widely seen selling Paan Masala in India and overseas. We understand that you were unaware that the intended promotion fell under surrogate advertising and further appreciate your proactive approach to educating yourself along with the many millions who look up to you as a definitive role model. Celebrity-led endorsements are often designed wi

YOUTH VOICE: I support COTPA amendment 2020