Sunday, March 16, 2014

Get out and play: Ruskin Bond tells children

Noted author Ruskin Bond reminds children that they should spend leisure time in parks and other outdoor spaces rather than in malls or playing video games so that they can bond with the beauty of nature.

"I always wanted to tell the children that they should spend more time in parks and grounds and try to blend with the beauty of nature. That will increase your creative level as a writer," Bond said.

The author, who is the guest of honour at the ongoing World New Delhi World Book Fair was participating in an Author's Corner session, where he interacted with children and adults.

The 80-year-old author, in his long journey that extends across six decades has given the readers over 500 short stories, nearly 50 children's books, a dozen or so novellas and 150 other books. Bond emphasised that a writer should be always interested in people.

"An authors work directly or indirectly connects with people and their milieu. So, it would be better, before penning down one register the idea through observing the people," he said. Bond, a past recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award, says earlier there were few writers, but nowadays "writers are sprouting from here and there."  

"Actually it's a good sign that young and vibrant writers are coming to the fore and keeping the literature world alive," the Mussourie-based author said.
 Bond, who made a niche market among children, says a remark made by a child once made him realise that his writing lacked in variety. "Once I met with a child and he asked me why is it that I always wrote about leopards? I then realised sometimes my stories lack variety," Bond said.

"During my childhood, I was a quiet bookworm. Initially I wanted to emulate my favourite authors. Then, I started to draw the picture in my style. Your writing should be always original," Bond told children. The author said he recently came to know that he had more than 10000 books. "The more you read the more your become strong with the language," he said.

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