Sunday, March 23, 2014

Children must learn to go out and play says John Abraham keen sportsperson himself, Abraham recently became the co-owner of the Delhi Waveriders, which won the Hockey India League this year. We caught up with the actor at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Delhi on the sidelines of a recent hockey game. 
Excerpts from the interview: 
..........How strongly do you feel about children taking up a sport?For me, sport is like a religion. I used to play rugby, football and volleyball. I was into athletics, and discus, shot put and javelin were my specialities. I believe that every kid should pick up three things - a sport, a foreign language and a musical instrument. I learnt German for some time and have always wanted to learn to play the tabla. I still want to. Maybe I will start learning it soon. This is like the 'tripod' of life. We need to develop this habit right from childhood. I remember I met Valentino Rossi and asked him when he started racing. He said he began racing professionally late in life, at the age of 13. Rossi said the right time to begin is at nine. If I was the principal of a school or the Prime Minister, I would make sports as important as academics. Today, children are too used to being on their iPads or glued to their Xbox or TV throughout the day. They must learn to go out and play. The biggest thing that sport has taught me is to accept defeat graciously. And that has helped me tremendously in my life. 
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