Thursday, November 28, 2013

Magic Drink!!

Photo Big Alcohol wants us to believe their myths about the magic of alcohol and glamorise its effects. We've created a better brand: #MagicDrink Tasty, stylish, alcohol free, good for you, your party, your community. Drinking @magicdrink means uniting fun and community. Mission Inspire Freedom - together for women and girls - every 25th Magic Drink promotes health, well-being, freedom, happiness, taste and style and it promotes social values beyond that: gender equality, and a world free from gender-based violence in all its forms. 

Alcohol-free is the new black. Or orange... Description Although the alcohol industry has us believe their myths about the magic of alcohol, most of us know that alcohol is NOT a magic drink: it causes medical, social, economic, and democratic harm, ruins families and commu- nities, keeps people in poverty and exposes children to violence. And up to 80% of cases of violence against women and girls are rela- ted to alcohol. No magic at all. This also means that living alcohol free and choosing alcohol free drinks has a huge im- pact. It’s not only healthy but helps preventing and reducing violence against women and girls. t’s simple, less alcohol use means less vio- lence. More alcohol free drinks, means less violence and more freedom. They promote health, happiness and freedom for the drinker and society around them. 
That’s why we have created a brand: Tasty, stylish, alcohol free, good for you, your party and your community. Drinking the Magic Drink is our way to combine pleasure, fun, party with making a difference for women and girls because we also promote their freedom, dignity and equality. Use the Magic Drink – logo stickers to put it on cups, glasses, bottles when you give out YOUR version of the Magic Drink in your INSPIRE FREEDOM CAMPAIGN event. Feel free to be creative with mixing YOUR local recipe of the Magic Drink – only make it orange. Share your recipes and pictures with us, for our global collection of local recipes for the Magic Drink. The more people show that they drink alcohol-free, the weaker the alcohol norm will become. We have a power to create a new, healthy and stylish culture. Email the recipes, pictures or videos of your magic drink to our email: Your products will be gathered and published on our webpage and in a book: “Tastes of orange. Tastes of magic. The Magic Drink world wide”. Share the pictures, recipes and impressions of your Magic Drink in the social media using #MagicDrink and #AlcoholFree so our magic drink can go global and viral.

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