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The role of youth in combating NCDs prevention....Arunesh The Peace Gong

The session started with accu-detoxing it was one's first experience. He felt great as his mind was so calm and composed,  he got time to think about the various things going in his mind one by one. 
Everyone shared their experience and the session was addressed by many doctors, patient champions, young volunteers associated with the field  and a few people who fought addiction and overcame the same.! It was a learning experience to every stakeholder.
The  presentations of three doctors at the event, Dr. Ajay Vats, chair person of Indian Association of Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists [IAADS], Dr, Arindam Sinha, NADA Acupuncture Detoxification specialist and Dr. Bharat Bhushan, vice president , Federation of NGOs for Drug Abuse Prevention [FINGODAP] helped one to understand the issues involved in NCDs. They shared data and told how Addiction is emerging as one of the most harming NCDs and the steps that should be taken in order to make the society addiction-free.
With their help One knew the challenges that officials face in curing a patient suffering from NCD and how the caretakers play a very crucial role in the treatment of the patient. One also found the hidden  benefits for the patients in the long term de-addiction programs.
(Many diseases like T.B being cured).
Jyotsna Roy a patient champion narrated her story of living with rheumatic arthritis, a painful NCD that can have crippling effects.
She said, “There are 5 million people like her who are Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferer-Survivor [RASS]. It is a silent non communicable disease not talked about much and not listed as a major NCD. It mostly affects women leading to challenging mental states and responses”.
 Instead of giving up, Jyotsna Roy is busy as a health advocate inspiring others who are victims of non communicable diseases to live bravely. 
Mr.Abhilash T. Issac threw some light on how art can be one of the best mediums to raise awareness as well as to keep one's mind away from the persistent need of drugs. He told that 'The Art of living' is enjoying yourselves with the minimum of resources.
The Young Volunteers advocated the need of understanding  the role of youth in combating these NCDs and involving them at the policy level.The Govt can play an important role in giving the youth the chance that they deserve.One advocated the importance of 'Prevention'.
As prevention is always better than cure. He talked about the mental addiction which was of more concern to him as the children and youth today are getting addicted to social media and electronic devices which has an adverse effect on their minds and lifestyle.
He requested adults to make their children develop some hobbies, make them play in the sun, let them fall and know the importance of standing again after being knocked down by life.
He urged them to give them some of their time as there is nothing that can replace the Love and affection of parents.!

Arunesh Pathak
Youth Coordinator, The Peace Gong


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