Monday, September 4, 2017

Teen Deaths in India...time to change our National Health Priorities for young India

·         Teen Deaths in IndiaFigures provided in the HT article related to teen deaths (Self Harm) are really alarming and provide a new window to look at our National health priorities for young people once again.Today we can see around how stereotypes about people with mental health problems, including alcohol dependence, are portrayed in movies, mass media and press, with the use of derogatory terms such as “psycho” or “nuts” or in Hindi “Paagal”. We see depictions of them as being violent and dangerous people. This portrayal of mental health in popular culture becomes a major source of stress for young people effected and affected by mental illness and addiction. The young people are going through personal crises beyond these manifestations. The Young India has been ignored. These socially transmitted conditions and crisis are not addressed adequately by people around them and policy makers.

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