Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nada India has transformed us to become SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR...

IFIM B School Social Immersion Program @ Nada India Foundation
It was great learning experience.Learned a lot from this NGO.
This NGO has transformed us to become SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR..
At last I am really thankful to Suneel Vatsyayan & IFIM B School, Bangalore for giving us opportunity to work with Nada India Foundation..... Mayank Kothari 

I have learned lot of things in these days.It was a great opportunity to work with these people.I have applied my theoretical knowledge in practice.I have worked with females of that village and observed how much they are unaware about their surroundings and i tried for their 
Thank you and Regards
In these 10 days volunteering with Nada India I have learnt about non-communicable diseases. It was a great learning experience . In that I was given a chance to be a social entrepreneur which lead to apply my  theoretical knowledge practically .Akshay Mehta

Suneel sir,
  I would like to thank you for the support which you gave us during the SIP days. It's been wonderful working with you and mam. You motivated us throughout the days for being social entrepreneurs which also gives us motivation and added more value towards the work and the outcome what we get. In future if we'll get another chance to work with you , I'll definitely willing to do. Thanks and regards,
Manpreet singh 

It was a great learning experience for me. I have learnt about Non Communicable Disease,as a task assign to me ( To make a business model for Bhawana group). I come to know what r the difficulties a new business are facing and what are the possible ways to come out from those difficulties.
Most important I have learnt about the people from BPL{ Below Poverty Line} living .
Rahul Kumar Ranjan
Hello sir,
It was a good insightful journey of 10 days with Nada India.I think that i got to know more about the ground realities of villages in India. I saw how there is lacking of basic amenities like water,job etc. in those areas. I will continue my journey with Nada India for the time to come. Regards,
Mehul Saraswat
Volunteering is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. I know it makes a difference to the people I share my time. I have learned a lot during this 10 days period and have applied my practical knowledge in the project. 
Dheeraj Bhatia
Nada India 

I was a really nice experience for me where I met with new peoples and used my theoretical knowledge practically and I was happy fr the outcome.It also taught me how to work in a different community. Kiran Mishra

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