Sunday, April 17, 2016

Timely intervention;Govt mulls compensation for wage loss of addicts

Patna, April 16 -- The low occupancy at 38 de-addiction centres across as many districts in the state has forced the government to ponder if it should compensate alcohol addicts for wage loss during their stay at the de-addiction centres.

The discussion to compensate addicts for wage loss stems from the fact that kala-azar patients receive a similar allowance.

The government gives kala-azar patients a cumulative allowance of R 7,100, of which the state government pays R 6,600 and the Centre R 500.

If government sources were to be believed, officials have been told to weigh all options, including the prospect of misutilisation of the allowance. Skeptics believe if the government were to fix wage loss allowance, it may even encourage unemp...

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