Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Awful sound & terrible organisation, ...Metal shows are big hit in India read more how??

Despite truly awful sound and terrible organisation, fans began to trickle into these shows and soon college festivals were drawing crowds of more than 1,000 people READ MORE.. WHAT MAKES IT POSSIBLE 

As numbers grew, big alcohol brands took an interest in sponsoring metal shows. In India, alcohol ads have been banned in print and broadcast media since 1995, and the only way for these brands to reach their target audiences was through surrogate advertising. In metal shows, they found the perfect fit. Money began flowing in, concerts grew bigger and tickets were ridiculously subsidised.
Bangalore was the perfect location for these shows. First, the city’s largest venue, the sprawling Palace Grounds, was smack bang in the city centre but removed enough from residential areas. Second, Bangalore's entertainment taxes were among the lowest in the country – 10% compared to Mumbai’s 25% and Delhi’s 20% – and there was minimal bureaucracy and red-tape, and no need for “complimentary” tickets for government officials. Promoters could now afford international acts, and Indian bands were soon relegated to opening slots.
But local bands were going the DIY route, putting together regular shows in underground pubs. Annual club festivals such as Trendslaughter Fest,Echoes from BeneathDoom Over Bangalore and Impending Doom Festival have been a showcase for some of the city’s best underground bands, including Bevar SeaShepherd and WitchgoatWacken Open Air, one of metal’s most prestigious festivals, found a franchise in Bangalore Open Air and the Wacken Metal Battle India that allows one competing band to play at the parent festival in Germany. More tellingly, Bangalore bands are slowly breaking into the international touring circuit, with local metal heroes and scene veterans Kryptos landing a European tour last year as well as a slot at Wacken Open Air, and even younger bands like death/thrash act Inner Sanctum touring Germany and Poland to rave reviews...

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