Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Police failed to act against illegal sale of liquor in the Kharghar village

Pehchaan Radio club view 
We totally agree with the views and stand taken up by  Ms.Vanita Patil of Kharghar Gram Panchyat Navi Mumbai . It is the police who is failing in discharging their duty. Industry Experts are talking on the basis of popular beliefs about banning of alcohol at village level. It is the women who suffers most as daughter,wife and mother. 
Industry experts have no evidence, they may be referring for those who are dependent  what about who is going to start today because of easy availability even by teenagers.  Interestingly, head line is given by TOI what industry expert says rather than views and concerns shared by  Ms.Patil. 

NAVI MUMBAI: Tipplers from Kharghar continue their liquor consumption despite the local grampanchayat decision to ban liquor sale in villages under its jurisdiction. 

The recently elected Kharghar panchayat reinforced the alcohol ban in the area. Local prohibition, however, has led to an increase in sale of hooch, say alcohol industry experts. 

"Residents buy alcohol from neighbouring areas. Those who can afford it, buy liquor from illegal stores at a premium," said an industry expert. Experts believe that the ban, first put in place 10 years ago, has only increased curiosity. 

"The villages even lose revenue that could be generated from the sale of alcohol," he added. 

Vanita Patil, sarpanch of Kharghar grampanchayat, however, said that the ban was to improve the health of the villagers. 

"Most people farm and that is the source of income. Unfortunately, they fall prey to liquor and lose a lot of money," she said. Patil insisted that this move should not be misconstrued as moral policing. "The decision to ban liquor has been unanimously accepted for years and still continues to be supported by every woman in our villages. It is not locals, but outsiders, who are against the decision," she said. 

Kharghar villages had banned alcohol almost 10 years ago to force habitual drinkers to give up the habit. She insisted that there should be crackdown on sales instead of rescinding the ban. 

"It is the police who have failed to act against those involved in illegal sale of liquor in the prohibited areas," said Patil. She said she plans to write a letter to home minister R R Patil to point out the failing of the police. 

Experts say that there is not a lot the police can do, with some alcohol shops just 2km away from the villages. Patil disagreed and said that such experiments have been successful in villages of Karnataka and Assam. 

"The state, on similar lines, has banned tobacco and scented supari in Maharashtra," she said.

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