Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crime Against Women: Alcohol, drinking banned on Goa Beaches...

Alcohol banned on Goa beachesIn a move to curb crime against women and keep the beaches in the state clean, Goa Tourism department asked Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) to restrict people with alcohol or glass bottles on beaches in Goa. According to sources, alcohol on Goa beaches will be banned soon. Times of India quoted a senior tourism department official as saying, "Implementation of this (ban on alcohol on Goa beaches) has begun." "To prevent eve teasing incidents on Goan beaches we have taken this step," added the official who also informed that even locals would not be allowed to enter into the beaches with alcohol. "Domestic tourists coming to Goa, buy liquor in bulk from wholesale stores and enter beaches with snacks which is one of the reasons for littering on beaches. This will also help to keep beaches clean," the official was quoted as saying. 
The daily report also mentioned that the state tourism department has been trying to prevent tourists drinking on beaches and the breaking of bottles on beach by drunken tourists with the implementation of the ban. According to sources, authorities instructed IRB to request people initially not to consume liquor on beaches. If the people refuse then IRB officers would be allowed to take the bottles away from the tourists.

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