Sunday, September 29, 2013

IOGT Global Voices Update #2

Brand new blogs dealing with: Human Rights, especially the rights of children and women's rights. Alcohol Policy, especially developments in South Africa, Ghana and Uganda. Big Alcohol operations in Ireland and around the world, by the example of Diageo. Narcotic Drugs Policy processes on global scale, especially fighting for civil society involvement.
In this Global Voices Update<> we bring you voices from around the world who took a closer look at a number of exciting and hot issues:

- Maik looks at what the global alcohol industry is doing to drive up alcohol harm<> in order to earn more money;

- Rogers looks at how alcohol policy developments turn out in Uganda, with a brand new Status Report<> on alcohol in Uganda and David looks at South Africa, where the government now is ready to move towards banning alcohol marketing<>;
- Esbjörn takes a look at what the latest news are in the global processes to prevent and harms caused by narcotic drugs<>, and how independent civil society organisations can be better involved;

- Suneel explores how the state of Human Rights looks like, for instance taking a look at the Best Interest of children and how social media in India impact<> that;

- Kristina looks at what a community action campaign to end alcohol violence against women and girls<> would have to be like to really set them free.[UNIQID]

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