Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ten Questions Every Parent Should Ask

Ten Questions Every Parent Should Ask their Child's School about how they handle address tobacco ,drugs and alcohol:

1. What does the school do to keep tobacco, alcohol and drugs off school premises?
2. What education and prevention programs are offered children in what grades--is it enough to make a difference?
3. Are teachers and other staff trained to spot signs of drug abuse and know how to respond?

Are teachers and other staff aware of circumstances that place children at higher risk of substance abuse, such as learning disabilities, discipline problems, eating disorders, depression and anxiety, and frequent mobility from school to school? If so, does the school intervene early?
5. What does the school do if it suspects a child may be smoking, drinking or using drugs? Does the school tell the child's parents?
6. Does the school screen for substance use? If so, under what circumstances?

7. If a substance abuse problem is identified in a child, what help does the school provide--either directly or by referral?
8. What action does the school take if a child is caught possessing or using alcohol, cigarettes or drugs--or selling drugs?
9. Does the school engage parents, students and community organizations in substance abuse prevention?
10. What are the substance use policies for teachers and other school staff?

Parents ad school may like to know more about it .Please contact Helpline  09268441080 or 9810594544

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