Sunday, September 29, 2013

Man kills wife for alcohol...assertion may be fatal

GURGAON: A resident of Bhawani Enclave near Sector 9 allegedly killed his wife with an axe on Sunday afternoon after she refused to give him money to buy liquor. They were alone at home with their two sons away. The accused has criminal background, said police.

Radheshyam, 43, lived with his wife and two sons in Bhawani Enclave. On Sunday around 3.40pm,Radheshyam asked his wife Santosh, 40, for money to buy liquor. Radheshyam is an alcoholic and it had been a cause of concern in the family. His wife refused to give him the money and a quarrel broke out between the two. Radheshyam went on a rampage and hacked her wife with an axe, after which he fled from the house....Assertion may be fatel

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